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 Is that legal?(for lack of a better title) Odette/Sariji

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PostSubject: Is that legal?(for lack of a better title) Odette/Sariji   Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:25 am

Posting the amount that got done so far for Odette and Sariji skipping school.

Odette wrote:
"Great. Great. Tha's juss f- great." Odette wasn't ten minutes into the first day of class, and she had already lost a pen, a book, and a whole pad of paper. She wasn't entirely sure where she had left them- or even when she had taken them out, but they were missing. She couldn't have imagined them being there, that would have been freaking stupid. But...no dice. Not there.

She was standing in the middle of a hall, not giving two half craps whether she was late for class or not, sifting through her bag. It wasn't as though she -needed- the things. It was a good excuse to stop though. It'd be kind of funny to see the look on her mother's face when she got sent home with word sent ahead about how she was late, and cruel, and disobedient. That was most likely what they would say. She was so used to the things she wasn't even sure what on earth a private school would say that was different from any other school. Blatantly disregards authority- she liked that one. It was funny.

Sariji wrote:
Sariji wasn't in any sort of hurry to get anywhere since she was considering skipping class again today, but hadn't quite decided on whether she was going to, just depended on if she could think of something to do, and an excuse to give her father later. She noticed someone standing in the middle of the hallway and upon taking a closer look, she realized that it was someone she knew that she hadn't seen in a long while. Running up behind the other girl she flung her arms around Odette's neck and hung to her back. "Detta! I haven't seen ya in forever ago!" She didn't think about the fact that she was probably going to startle the other girl, just flinging herself onto her like that. "When did yah start this place?"

Odette wrote:
With a cry that was rivaled only by those of movie house screams, Odette practically threw her bag forward- it's contents spilling across the hall as her hands jump up to grasp the arms around her. She couldn't help looking like she'd just run over some big doe eyed thing, or maybe that she was the one who had been run over. The voice though, that clicked in her mind and made her tilt her head back. "S-Sa..Sari!? FUCK y'scared me 'alf t' death!" She shrilled, cheeks turning red as she mumbled. "Need a clean pair 'a pannies.."

Sariji wrote:
Sariji laughed and let go of Odette to slide off her back and stand next to her. "That was quite tha' scream 'dere Detta." She laughed again and started to pick up the contents of the bag and shove them back inside it. "Do yah seriously need another pair? I got some in mah bag if yah do." She giggled and turned to tug on the bottom edge of Odette's skirt.

Odette wrote:
Detta shook her head, frowning as her skirt was pulled- smacking at the middle bit so it hit back against her legs. "No Oi don' need none! Thanks." She finished with a slight sulky tone, cheeks flaring up red so hot it made her skin prickle with it. Shouldn't have mentioned panties. She stooped to help gather up the bits and pieces, grinning a little. "Oi'd show ya a better scream, but since we ain't in class yet, we gotta act'ally be quiet." She smirked, grinning to herself.

Sariji wrote:
Sariji giggled again and nodded. "Ah'd like ta' hear it, but.. well actually.. you wanna skip class wit' me?" She stood up and straightened out her skirt, readjusting the backback on her shoulders. "Ah don't really care fo' english class. An' the other girls are always laughin' at me for not talking right alla the time. Ah can if'in I wanted to." She smiled at Odette. "Besides, Ah know dis fun place to go." She looked at her watch and then up and down the halls. "If yah wanna we gotta go soon, cause the hall guards gonna come by soon."

Odette wrote:
"Yea yea, an Oi wanna pet a monkey. Yehr all weird, yeh know tha'?" Odette smirked, stuffing the rest of the junk into her bag before straightening out her irritatingly innocent looking head of curls. "Skip class on me firs' day..now lemmie thin-Yea, le'ss get teh fook outt'a 'ere 'fore Oi loose me mind."

Odette straightened up with a grin of approval, going to gather Sariji up against herself with a thick slurr. "Ya got it down t' an aht, Sari M'dear, a fookin' aht."

Sariji wrote:
"Weird huh? Well yah, wha'dyah think otherwise for?" She laughed though and wrapped her arm around Odette's waist and started walking down the hall. Then suddenly yanked her around a corner and grabbed her hand and started to pull her along down the hall behind her. "We gotta run ta' tha' other side of tha' field, 'dere's a hole in tha' fence 'dere." Her speech was more accented while she was running. She also kept glancing over her shoulder to check and make sure no one was seeing them escape. The hall guard was a rather nasty older woman that liked to smack the girls with this switch she carried around.

Odette wrote:
Odette let out a tiny girlish squeal at the sudden movement, glad for once that the shit for shit shoes they had to wear were so flat- she'd have fallen on her ass twice more times than as many steps she'd taken so far if they were her platforms. She skidded and almost tripped, clamping both hands on Sariji's own as she was tugged arm first out and across the grass. "If Oi loose me skirt yehr goin' back af'er eht loik eht's commerade down!" She shouted, the picture in her head the only thing that actually made the statement make sense- Sari running back through the field while she hid in a bush, gathering up the skirt like some G.I. Jane figure before turning back and hauling ass out of there.

Sariji wrote:
Sariji looked back at her and laughed. "Dun worry Ah got extra clothes in mah bag." She pointed with her free hand towards the stone wall around the property and where there was a little out building that was an electrical shed. When they reached it she pulled Odette around the side of the small building and into the narrow space between it and the wall. Wiggling between the two walls she edged to the middle of it were the stone wall was partly missing and she climbed over the low broken stones and out onto the side of the street on the outside. "There's this club down tha' street ya see, and dey got this really awesome music there."

Odette wrote:
"An aht..a fookin' aht.." Odette murmured to herself with a grin, following after the lithe other girl like they were hot on the tail of a million bucks, being chased by lava. She hadn't even looked back to see if anyone was coming with them- it didn't matter. They were leaving, and she was absolutely sure of it. She did pick up the pace though, so she wasn't being tugged forward. "So we change, look a bit older, sneak ahr lil' arses int' the club an 'ave us a noice day in th' town?" She asked with an excited air. It had been so long since she'd gone to a club -with- anybody, that she was starting to forget what fun it was. Liquor was far from her mind, but the actual company...she didn't have to sit at the bar, or shake on the dance floor, pretending to be waiting for her boyfriend to come back. Bliss..

Sariji wrote:
Sariji nodded once they were both outside the wall. "Yep, and..." she walked down along wall to the corner were there was some bushes and a stand of trees. "We can get changed in here an' I got some ID cards that the lamenation is split and has a hole so ya can slide another card inside it. School ID cards fit perfect." She wandered into the stand of trees and threw her bag on the ground and knelt over it, pulling fishnet stockings and shirts, short skirts, and some tanktops out of the bag. She tossed some of them at Odette and rummaged through the front pocket for some makeup. "Ah got some shoes too if'n ya want dem." She held out a pair. "As ya can see I dun have any books inna mah bag." She laughed and started to change her clothes.

Odette wrote:
Odette watched the whole scene before her like it was some majestic and wonderful play; some perfectly mastered art or craft that she couldn't turn her eyes away from. She finally blinked when clothes hit her in the face, a zipper sticking in her hair. "Well! Oi fink yeh get a gold star, Sari. Top 'a yehr class Oi wager. Nah! Oi fink yeh get a gold medal. 'Ere Oi were stupid 'nuff t'bring books 'n shit. Yeh'know, one ohf them finks that Da says an E's gotts 'imselve that serious look wot ain't ne'er changed in years. So's I gotta go, yeh'know?" She started actually shimmying out of her clothes, shedding them like they were filthy and covered in acid as she backed herself up to the closest tree, nestling between the two bushes she found there like it was one of those dorm-room bathroom showers.

Sariji wrote:
Sariji laughed as she pulled on the clothing and did the buckles on the straps of her shoes. "That's alla 'cause Rem tis a catty man yah?" She got to her feet and adjusted her skirt. "Good lookin' still for bein' so old." She laughed and made sure her stockings were straight. She shoved her bag and Odette's into the bushes after digging out her school ID card. She slid it into her extra fake ID and handed it over to Odette. "One look at dis an' they let yah in no question. Papa still don't know Ah been doin' this." She then glanced around outside the trees to make sure no one was around. "Its clear." She walked out into the sun and headed down the street.

It wasn't a long walk to the club and she enjoyed the fact that she was finally getting to go have fun with someone that she actually liked. And she hadn't seen Odette for a while since her father hadn't been letting her go anywhere besides home and school for a while. Well as far as he knew anyway. The only person she'd been allowed to hang out with was her half incubus cousin Rife, and as fun as it was to hang out with him, he was related to her which cut down on the fun factor. When they reached the club they got in line and she leaned against the wall of the building and looked at Odette. "This place be interesting, being open durin' tha' day an all."

Odette wrote:
"Yea, guess so." Odette finished tugging her portion of the clothes on, thankful that she hadn't yet grown so much that nothing fit right. She probably looked like she was trying to wear as little as possible- and that was just fine for her. The fishnet..she could do without that. Too girly for her tastes. But the short short skirt that looked shiny black and painted on- she could live with that. The tight dark shirt with it's little silver studs, that was awesome. Shoes..she just put her own shoes back on, but that was because she didn't plan on sitting the night away. Dancing. Odette loved dancing.

At the mention of the path being clear, she smirked and hurried along with Sariji, grabbing up her arm like they were escorting each other. "Done this a lot then, yea?" She sounded Oh so amused. She glanced over her new and improved trashed I.D., smirking at it. It even had teeth marks on one corner, as though it were ruined because she got bored often. She tucked a corner in her mouth, letting it hang so it looked ever less suspicious. "An wot kinda club is eht? Oi mean, y'got punk clubs, posh, an teh loik." She glanced over the doors and front with vague curiosity, even though inside she was itching to press her palms to the wood and shove.

Sariji wrote:
Sariji smiled when she saw Odette put the card in her mouth. She flipped her own card around between her fingers and moved a little when the line moved. "Yah, Ah been comin' here every so of'en. It's bettah than tha other place." She ran a hand through her hair and scraped her shoe against the sidewalk. "Its kinda punk goth, with lotsa techno dance music. Very good." The line moved and they were now only moments away from getting to go inside themselves. Sariji was starting to fidget a bit, ready to get inside. The bouncer only glanced for maybe a second over their IDs before letting them pass. Sariji grabbed on of Odette's hands as they went inside. It was pretty dark inside with colorful lights playing across the dancefloor and dim lights along the bar where people were enjoying their drinks. The music was loud and Sariji could feel the beat crawling into her blood. She turned to Odette with a smile. "What'cha think?"

Odette wrote:
Odette followed Sariji in looking stunned and awed for but a moment before planting her feet, hands on her hips as she looked around the room. Anyone who didn't know would see her and think that she were looking down on her own creation- as though she had made the place and it was good. (Like God or something! Tee-hee~) She Beamed, nodding her head in time with the music till she pulled her whole body into the thudding, writhing beat of it, stomping her feet to pull Sariji in along with her. "It's awesome! C'mon, I gotta stomp this out 'er eht's gonnar get bad." She smirked, leaning her way toward the dance floor as though Sari wouldn't go willingly. GOD she loved the pulse and beat of the music when it felt like it was hitting up her legs, crawling through her bones like liquid fire. Hot as hell and twice as dirty.

Sariji wrote:
Sariji was a little surprised as she was pulled along out to the dance floor. Not that she objected at all, it was why they were there. She just hadn't completely expected Odette's eagerness. But she happily let Odette drag her out there and let her body move and flow to the music, her heart thumping along to the beat of the music, her feet stomping and her body twisting. She could feel other bodies around her pressing close as her eyes closed partway as she writhed to the sound. She couldn't be sure if it was Odette or someone else that she bumped into frequently, pressing against them as the dancing bodies moved together. The loud consuming music was like a drug singing through her half demon blood.

She swayed to the sound as her blood pounded along with the beat. Eventually she found herself leaning against the wall with her eyes closed for a moment, her head swimming. After a few long breaths she opened her eyes to locate Odette. "Detta... where are ya?" Her eyes scanned the mass of human flesh moving about and pressing into one another until it was like a solitary body of hot sweaty meat, quivering to the beat of the music. She wanted a drink, but she wanted Odette to go with her up to the bar.
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PostSubject: Re: Is that legal?(for lack of a better title) Odette/Sariji   Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:48 pm

It wasn't so much a 'club' as it was an amalgamation of bodies that every once in a while parted ways to show a glimpse of flesh, a flash of some shimmering material, a bit of smile distorted by the heat of the moment as they wound around each other as if everyone in the room were born of the music and would die in communal embrace.

At least, it was as fluidic and harmonious as all that, until Odette broke her way through the glittering throng with a snort of loud and raucous laughter, and a slap at hands that seemed to have somehow been twined about her waist. Like skeletal appendages trying to drag her back to doom. Well, you'd never know it was so perilous, from the wide smirk of wanton amusement on her face, the fierce look in her eye as she came bounding up to the young demoness, sweat sparkling on her forehead as she thudded a shoulder into the wall next to her. She was the picture of a girl exhausted and overflowing euphoria as she rolled her head to the side, her smirk tugging her lips up and above her teeth in an awkward and dimple inducing way.

"Y'get too close 'n comfy there, Sarii?" She shouted above the pulse and tear of music.
"Oi couldn't find'ja at firs! This guy thought Oi was tryin' t' bully me way int' some kinda matin' ritual- till I saw y' standin' there; thanks fer sittin' still, by the way. Oi wouldn' 'a e'er found'ja other wise." she rambled on, voice a string of accent catching together like sticky sweet syrup.
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Is that legal?(for lack of a better title) Odette/Sariji
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