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 Sketchbook - modern fantasy boarding school

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PostSubject: Sketchbook - modern fantasy boarding school   Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:42 am

This is merrily stolen from an old friend. 8D Just something for fun. Concept (c) fair_haired_lass

Universite' De Croquis

This co-ed boarding school lies nestled in the countryside of southern England. It derived its french name from its french founder, Madame Felicia Belisarda. She married an english gentleman who died shortly after, leaving her alone and childless. To rid her of her loneliness she turned his manor into a school. The old manor still stands, and now houses the administration building.

Strange happenings are not unfamilliar to the school. It seems to attract the strange and unusual. Oh how little the locals really know...

Université De Croquis houses more than just your average rich child. The students and even the teachers range from the mortal to the immortal. The human to the beast. They come to hide, to haunt, and to hunt. They keep there secrets by day, and stalk their prey by night. What misgivings will befall the mortal students of the school, and how will these young creatures of different worlds cope with one another?



The dormrooms at Universite' De Croquis are quite luxorious. Althought two students are forced to share a bedroom, (The administration feels that learning to cooperate with others is a key obsticle for future leaders,) they are very spacious and are paired with a lushly decorated and seperate living area. There are two floors, similairly decorated. The top floor is for the girls and the bottom is for the boys.

The teachers each have their own apartment in a seperate building. The layout is very much the same though each teacher has their own suite and do not have to share with a roommate.

Student Room Assignments:


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Sketchbook - modern fantasy boarding school
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